I’m Anna.

Welcome to my small piece of the world wide web.

Here I hope to share with you some thoughts about travel, the outdoors and living unconventionally.

My parents gave me the travel bug at a young age. At 6, I had already been to 7 European countries. I’ve always felt fortunate to grow up with a family who cherished experiences over possessions. Extra money was always for travel. That has stuck with me.


Three years ago my small family (husband Ryan, dog Macy and two cats, Rocky and Emmy) left our home and jobs in Wisconsin and drove to Seattle on a bit of a whim. Neither of us really knew what we were doing, just that it was time for something new. That decision has changed everything.

I have always loved something about the outdoors. I did summer camp while I was growing up and those were the some of the best days of my life. I spent a week in the Boundary Waters during high school and thrived without having any idea what I was doing. I flourished outside, but that never registered with me until I lived in the Pacific Northwest. All of a sudden I seemed to get it. Since moving here, I have fallen in love with wilderness, with nature. Camping along the Cascade Loop, hiking to mountain peaks and alpine lakes, relaxing vacays to the Oregon Coast, things I never used to contemplate are now all I want to do. This place has irrevocably altered my life.


Things are about to change again as the fam is headed out of Seattle (even though we adore it), back to Wisconsin (missed you), but this time with some new opportunities in tow. Ryan will be working remotely and we plan to TAKE ADVANTAGE.

This adventure will be a bit different from most. While adventure and travel are definite priorities, I also love having a home and being there, and of course spending time with family. The balance will be interesting to say the least. Things definitely won’t be flawless. The masters of the universe (our animals) will be coming along on our travels. I don’t currently have a remote job. We aren’t overly wealthy. We need a travel-mobile that can “comfortably” carry all 5 of us. How does WIFI work on the road? Where will we live in between travel? Can we even make this work?

Uncertainty is abundant, but the plan is to embrace it. I hope you’ll follow along!