Planning Mode!

Winter has come to Wisconsin, again. As I write this it is snowing. Not the fun snow where you’re walking through a silent evergreen forest with snow softly falling, as you stick out your tongue to catch snowflakes and giggle. No, this is the wind-whipping, painful snow that forces you to wrap whatever you are currently wearing around your face and pray that what you are doing outside ends immediately. Ah yes, winter has come.

Every year the lowering temperatures and the shortened days tend to gradually slow everything down. I don’t know about you, but my motivation takes a definite dip when snow is on the ground and temps are in the tens. Not just motivation for outdoor activities, general motivation for anything, like how did I just put off scheduling that dentist appointment for two weeks and what has happened in those two weeks that I couldn’t find the time??!!

With the last five or so months being what they were for me (pretty much absolutely free of any job/work/obligation, I know boohoo me) I have noticed this slow-down more than ever. I have laundry lists of things I want to get going on, but I find it easier to put things off in this colder, slower season.  This year is a little unique though because once winter ends (or early May, whichever comes first) we are heading off on our first camping adventure in our currently fictitious travel trailer. This means I can’t actually slow all the way down this winter. Things need to get done, plans need to be made.


We are on our way to making it all happen. We now have our adorable, giant beast of a vehicle. My buddy Tahoe is making winter driving a piece of cake and I know he’ll do a great job towing our trailer. He’s a tough little bugger. We recently booked our first campsites around Wisconsin for our trial trips, including stays at Wyalusing and Devil’s Lake State Parks. Next we start checking out trailers; ideally when it’s not 10 degrees and snowing (so April perhaps)? I have read and watched SO MANY guides, tutorials, tips and tricks on trailer/RV camping but when it comes down to it I am extremely overwhelmed just thinking about it.  I know we will slowly get used to it all but thinking about the frustrations we will face on that first trip give me anxiety already. AH!

Then I remember the reason for taking all this on, the reward. I realize that the frustrations and the learning how to live in a trailer will be a small part of these trips (or will be someday). It will all be worth it when we are watching the sun set behind the mountains in the middle of nowhere Montana or Colorado or maybe New York. Wherever we want to be, really. And that’s definitely worth it.


Help us! Where should we go? What should we see? What places have you loved? In Wisconsin, in any state, or even Canada! Oh and have a happy NEW YEAR! 2018 is your year! 


Photos Curtesy of trips that occurred a while ago since it is currently freezing in Wisconsin.






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