The Waiting Game

I’ve never really thought of the phrase “waiting game” as an oxymoron. Like awfully pretty. Or jumbo shrimp. But I see it now. Waiting is not a game. Games are fun (at least in my estimation). Waiting is not fun.

We have lived in Wisconsin for a little over two months and I have spent a lot of that time thinking, planning and (drum roll please) waiting. I have come up with a lot of travel plans and read what feels like the vast majority of blogs about RV travel, but of course I have yet to be able to act on any of these things.


The rational part of my brain understands that we need to be waiting right now. We have talked through our next steps and there is a timeline. Things have to happen one at a time for anything to work out in the long run, I know this. Our upcoming steps involve moving out of my parent’s house at the end of October, buying a large enough vehicle to tow our ideal home-on-wheels (and survive the Wisconsin winter) and then beginning to check out trailers this winter and into spring. By spring we hope to be equipped and ready to take some short test trips with the whole gang.


So you see, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately for me, my impatient mind screams DO IT NOW! I have always been someone who wants big action and I always want it right away. I don’t love taking the small, necessary steps toward the ultimate result. There are always things that can be done to work towards the goal, but if I don’t see immediate tangible and thrilling results I don’t get very excited about it. I know that’s not a great quality to possess, but we can’t all be perfect…

I’ve spent a lot of the last few months reading blogs and articles and Instagram captions by these amazing adventurers I look up to. Their lives seem so big and that’s what draws me to them. In reality I know they are normal humans. They aren’t constantly on top of mountains or swimming in the ocean or on safari. They work and have car trouble and take time to make plans. But it can take a bit to remember that.


These same people often stress the fact that you shouldn’t concentrate on the destination, but the journey you are currently on. The journey almost always ends up being the thing you remember. I try to repeat that sentiment to myself on a regular basis. It helps. I close my eyes and see the quality time I have spent with my family. I see the things I have been a part of that I would have missed if we were off traveling. When I take the time to see how valuable those things are, I realize am quite grateful for this waiting game I am currently playing.


Photos courtesy of a lovely hike in High Cliff State Park.



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